what’s the point

I am a Sex and Love Addict, I kind of knew that all along but I really only found out about it on 26 June 2014 when I attended my first SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous) meeting.

This blog is for me: I need an outlet, i.e. a place to let it out. I am going to share in SLAA meetings when I get the courage but I need a place where I can do a bit more in depth sharing about something that is particularly on my mind. I will do that here.

This blog is for you, the Addict: Whatever your addiction might be, whether or not you are going through a recovery program, this blog is for you to know you are not alone. look for the similarities, not the differences and use what you could to make progress.

This blog is for you, the family or a friend of an addict: please know one thing, you will NEVER understand what it is like to be an addict unless you are one. so before you start judging them, the addict in your life, take a look and try to see them through the lens of another. Before you get overly frustrated with their inability to get it together educate yourself through the experiences of others and be that resource who might make a difference in their life.

And finally this blog is for everyone: if you are a random reader, stumbled upon this, if you are a curious researcher, if you are who you are, here is a perspective that you might not come across otherwise.

To all of you, please hear me out as I go through my recovery, please reply and let me know your thoughts, and more importantly reach out so we can connect and build a network of fellowships that can support recovery efforts wherever they may exist.


3 thoughts on “what’s the point

  1. I understand your need for a blog. I am relocating to a country without any Whatever Anonymous fellowship. And i chose to start a blog, just like yourself to be able to share.
    I find your blog very helpful. keep writing instead of obsessing over what to write.


    • “obsessing over what to write” is very true, and thanks for calling me on it. I guess the addict in me is obviously obsessed with how I am being perceived I still want to be liked and I want to keep a certain image. so I keep thinking about what to write and how to present it. I just posted “four weeks ago” and I had the idea of writing that from week one yet held back till now. because of your comment I basically just wrote it and it probably looks horrible but it is what it is. I will keep your comment in mind as I think about future posts. if one person finds this helpful then I won’t let my addict be a barrier to offering help.


      • Thank you empower. I am just commenting on the traits I see in my self. But I am really and genuinely glad you found it useful.
        I find it also helpful to remind myself that it is a “do” program, not a “think” program


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