November 2019 Recap

Kia Ora whanau, I am at a SLAA retreat. It prompted me to log into my WordPress account and post something. When I clicked on the plus sign to add a post, I found 4 old drafts. Check the screenshot below.  

draft for empowered

I didn’t go into any of the drafts to look at what I wrote but it gave me a good idea that I missed communicating a few major events in my recovery journey so I am going to be boring, I won’t sensationalize any of it and just put it as bullet points.  

  • July/August 2017 My wife and I got back together after a fair bit of couple therapy 
  • September 2017 My corporate Role was made redundant and I left my full-time job 
  • October/November 2017 I started driving Uber part time to make money without having to go back to the corporate world 
  • April 2018 I went travelling to the US to see my sister.  
  • May 2018 I was approaching 18 months sobriety (never happened) 
  • June 2018 I lost my sobriety  
  • November 2018 I chose another SLAA sponsor and started working the program got sober again.  
  • January 2019 I moved to another city.  
  • September 2019 I got abstinent in Overeaters anonymous 
  • October 2019 I lost my sobriety by having a slightly long hug with someone that was triggering  
  • I didn’t act out since and have been keeping my recovery top of mind in both followships (SLAA, and OA)  

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