Did you miss me

Part of me is hoping that I was missed and that same part of me was hoping that those who missed me would right and check on me. I have done that to other addicts i used to follow. I would send them asking how they’ve been if they hadn’t posted for longer than usual. at the time, i was not expecting anything in return. I wasn’t thinking that i should do this so that when i am in their shoes someone would check on me. it was done with pure motive to genuinely check on them. So I guess I was hoping for the likes of me out there to get in touch.

but anyway. I am here. I am still working on my imperfect recovery. as I type these lines, i have been 2 weeks Sober. Yeah I had another slip.

I am going through so much at the moment. My wife and I are discussing separation, believe it or not, i am the one instigating it. My employer is laying me off. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed. the good news is, i know it will pass. I know it will all turn out better soon enough. I still have to feel my feelings though.

I have been busy lately and will continue to be. so not sure when is the next time i will be posting something, but hey. get in touch between now and my next post.