4 thoughts on “#SafeTrip 6 – Day 3 – Singapore

  1. Murphy says:

    I have been following your blog and thank you for your openness and honesty. It’s hard listening to your recent blogs and I just couldn’t help thinking about your wife. Does she mind? How do you manage to maintain your double life?

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    • Murphy, THANK YOU for replying. it always feels good to know that i am not talking to a cyber black hole.

      I am sorry that it is hard to listen to my recent blogs. it was hard recording them and hard going through the events prior. of course my wife would mind. she doesn’t know.

      as to your question about “manage to maintain a double life” I DON”T. it is completely unmanageable. I am struggling. there is only one way out for me. to work the steps of my program. sometimes (specially now) I wish I would just die. it would be easier for everyone. I won’t have to face myself, my weaknesses nor the work required for recovery, and won’t be hurting anyone.

      I hope that answers your question. thanks again for commenting.


      • Murphy says:

        Sorry I meant to ask if your wife knows of your addiction, not if she minds!(must have sounded like a silly question!).

        Not being someone who has an addiction of this nature I find it hard to understand sex addiction as an addiction but your analogy likening it to craving sugar and that sick feeling of having eaten too much sweets helps. I can relate to that. Thank you.

        I pray that you will find the strength for recovery and inner peace.


      • That is a wonderful prayer Murphy, thanks a lot.

        Yes my wife knows that I identify as a sex and love addict, she also knows that I identify as Gay. she just doesn’t know what my addiction looks like in practice.


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