SafeTrip4 – Day 3 and 4

I am 10 months sober today. I am really exhausted so this one will be brief.

yesterday after breakfast I went to work, it was really a good and productive day. after the work day ended we had a team building event at xcape which was really awesome, I did tomb raider with a team and aced it. then we had dinner and I left early.

after dinner I met with a friend of mine that I had acted out with in the past. I had introduced him to SLAA and he started attending meeting for a bit then stopped. we had a short chat and the short of it is that he is not interested in working on his recovery at the moment. I had nothing to do but recognize that I am powerless over his recovery. then when the meeting ended, I was at the hotel and went to bed before 11.

I got up at 6 am, took a walk for an hour while talking to my mom, had breakfast with a colleague and off to work again. the morning was fun and productive then we went to Singapore Bird Park for another team building activity. I joined part of it then left half way so I can go run some more errands and then I was back at the hotel. I had a meal and a good relaxed time then I went for the SLAA meeting.

the meeting was really good, small and cozy then when it finished I took the train back to the hotel, I am now writing this in bed and I will click publish and go to sleep.

talk to you tomorrow.



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