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Fast Reflections Days six and seven

Saturdays and Sunday were really busy so I didn’t get to write much, and the coming week is likely be just as busy so I am combining the weekend in one post.

Saturday morning mom and I went to the Sanon meeting. mom is only here for just a few more weeks. this might be her last meeting for her. she always enjoys going to that meeting. 🙂 after the meeting a saw a message from my wife that she had a meltdown with the kids. I have recently been training myself to detach from all negative thoughts when I hear about her meltdowns. part of why I had negative feelings in the past is my selfish desire to control how she behaves. now I realize that it is a character defect of mine so I pray for it to be removed.

we got home around the same time (mom and I from the meeting and wife and kids from the kids Bahai children class), the kids were asleep and we managed to get a bit of rest. the rest of the day was free and easy at home with some cleaning, play time and dinner. it was an early night too for all of us.

Sunday we had some friends spend the morning with us. the kids had a great time playing with their friends while the adults caught up. then I went for a long drive to the airport with my son to pick my mom in law up. she is coming to help us with our third baby which is scheduled to be born on the 9th of March.

when I got home, mom and I started preparing dinner. I made a special dish that I am famous for and I think it tastes really good. it does require a lot of work thought. so by the time it was all ready, we had dinner, helped the kids to bed and I fell asleep on the sofa shortly after. then I barely managed to get up, brush my teeth, say my prayers and get into bed again for the rest of the night.

More reflections to come.


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