Fasting, Recovery

Fast Reflections Day two

the second day of the Fast started as per the usual routine, I wake up at about 6 am with my mom, get breakfast ready and have hearty breakfast before the sunrise. while we were sitting with my mom at the dining table I heard my 2.5 year old daughter call out. I went to her to hold her and she just laid on my lap and in my arms peacefully for a good half hour with the occasional short conversation. she said she wants me, she loves me, she is not ready for breakfast yet and a bunch of other cute little phrases. I say: what a perfect start of the day.

I had a relatively productive morning and a rather unorganized afternoon. I ran errands with my mom in the morning, got a bit of work done, talked to my sponsor and had a few good meetings during the day. that being said I wasted a fair bit of time that I can’t get back now.

towards the evening I got home to a really settled and pleasant home, wife and kids were in good spirit, my mom was well and making dinner and when I asked if I can help I was given a simple task. I was then able to help encourage my kids to finish their dinner and spend a bit of 1 on 1 time with my son before he got to bed. my daughter was with my wife reading a story, mom is resting and dinner is ready. I had another 30 minutes before the sun sets. So I was able to take some time alone and say my prayers. I felt such a strong spiritual sensation. I was happy, light, peaceful and feeling at ease with life.

I enjoyed eating dinner, helped clearing up with my wife and then we had a short game of Bananagrams before I went to bed. I was so tired that I fell asleep faster than the time it took to close my eyes. I had a very peaceful sleep.


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