SLAA, Step 9

#step9 – my ex boyfriend replied

In response to Letter to my ex boyfriend

Dear —–,

thank you for your words. I am quite sure that you will be able to open the doors of confirmations even wider – day by day – through your struggles to grow within the Love and Guidance of Bahá´u´láh.

May you always be happy and full of servitude.

Thank you,



2 thoughts on “#step9 – my ex boyfriend replied

    • I am happy with it. I learned that recovery isn’t dependant on my strength but rather God’s Grace. through God’s grace I have a lot of members in the fellowship that I could reach out to, I have a wonderful sponsor that was available to me as I go through these difficult time and above all I have my connection with God through prayers and meditation. 🙂 it didn’t stir up my addiction. actually not nearly as the amends call I made to one of my cousins. will write about that in another post. 🙂

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