SafeTrip, SLAA

#SafeTrip3 – Day Two

Good morning everyone! After I left you yesterday I decided to drive to work, which was an adventure. I got kind of lost and the GPS wasn’t very helpful in the middle of tall buildings in the city, so I was about 10 minutes late to my first meeting.

I had meetings lined up all the way to 4 pm. meetings went really well and smooth and they all ended up by 1 pm. Everyone was available and we discussed everything we needed to discuss. So I was “free” three hours earlier than expected. Well not free technically cause it is still a work day, I just didn’t have anyone to miss me if were to be somewhere. I took a walk to my car and on the way to the car I was just so aware of the number of pretty boys around me. I was objectifying a little, but I didn’t sexualise. Or maybe they are the same, I don’t know. A very cute guy on the side walk turned his head and locked eyes with me for over a second. In gay languages that could be code for “I might be interested”. I kept walking but I did look back to see if he looked again. I was slightly annoyed to be sober and not be able to act out.

I got to my car and knew that I need to head straight to my hotel room. I had to drive past a road that had a Gay Sauna (Sex on Site venue) which I spent hours and hours in it prior to becoming sober. That was also annoying. I got to my hotel, got to my room and I wasn’t settled. I changed and went to the pool to swim a bit. The pool wasn’t inviting. it was more of a large tub than a swimming pool, so I ended up at the Gym, did a bit of cardio and some weights (don’t get the wrong impression, I am not a sporty guy but I just needed an outlet at that moment). I got back to my hotel room and started doing work. I was somewhat productive. I also went online to the chat room. I found a couple of SLAA members who heard my share and encourage me to keep going. I was pleased to have made it there.

I was determined to go to a meeting a night. The good thing about Sydney is that there is a meeting almost every night, actually there are a few meetings a night. There were three available to me last night, one of them was gay, lesbian, transgender focus. I decided to go to that one. For the sake of full transparency I need to share that the thought crossed my mind (am I going there to pick someone up?). Luckily the meeting wasn’t a place to pick someone up, it was a really safe environment, good sobriety among the older members. A couple of new members were at the meeting and I was able to share my story and share the message of recovery in their presence. What a privilege.

After the meeting I picked my cousin up and went to visit the family I talked about yesterday. Their daughter was at the hospital for an operation so we were there to support them. We stayed for a bit and then went out to get junk food (bad idea) but it was late and there was nothing open that served good food and I hadn’t had dinner.

I dropped my cousin off at his place, got to mine and slept. I am up now and it is a beautiful day. I will shower, say my prayers and get to work after having some breakfast. 🙂


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