SafeTrip, SLAA

#SafeTrip2 – Day One

I just re-read my #SafeTrip Day one that I posted over a month ago from the same hotel. Gosh what a difference. this time I had someone next to me on the plane, he is a young university student, but somehow I wasn’t triggered. I felt calm and at peace. I landed and took a cab straight to the face to face meeting. I got to celebrate the fact that I am still sober for the day.

After the meeting I had a long catch up with another SLAA member and we had supper together. then I took my shower, said my prayers and went to bed. I had just over 4 hours of really good sleep. then I work up happy and peaceful. I did a bit of work and now typing this. I will say a some prayers after I finish this post, get ready and go to have breakfast and start my day.

I hope you are not disappointed by the uneventfulness of this trip so far. but I am honestly not sorry that there are no juicy details to share nor entertaining insane thoughts. this just means one thing, Recovery Works!! And I can never be grateful Enough.




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