SafeTrip, SLAA

#SafeTrip Day Zero

I am sitting at the airport as I type these words, waiting for my flight. I decided to post a new entry to my blog every day to share how I am going with this trip. The first trip since I set my sobriety date. I am now 91 Days sober which is the LONGEST in my aware life. In the past 91 days I wasn’t perfect by any sort of measure but I was progressing with my sobriety and recovery. I was blessed enough not to travel till now, I feel if I had travelled with a lesser day count of sobriety, I will be at a greater risk of acting out, so I am glad my Higher Power put it off till now.

In about less than an hour from when this post goes live, I will be on a plane. I acted out on planes before. The times I didn’t act out, I had every intention to do so, I pursued every “potential” opportunity that presented itself, and it just didn’t work out. This time I know I don’t want to be obsessively searching for AO partners but I still had a thought cross my mind: (what if the guy next to touch me)? Because then it won’t be my fault, right? I didn’t initiate it. Those of you who have been in the program for just a little bit will recognise this to be an insane thought. So here I am putting it out there to recognise its insanity as I read it on “paper”.

The plane ride is ten hours, I will be tweeting away if I could get internet on board then when I land at my destination I will be tweeting how my time is going and then tomorrow morning I will be writing my #SafeTrip Day One post.



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